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Starvation in Africa Around 700,000 children younger than the age of five face starvation in Kenya alone. 1.4 million kids could die this year in three African countries, and 10.9 million are in need of humanitarian assistance in the Lake Chad Basin. In Africa right now, millions are facing famine, malnutrition, and starvation(Huber). Although some efforts are being made to help countries in Africa struggling with food insecurity because of issues like poverty, conflict, and natural disasters, starvation is still a huge problem with lasting effects that needs more attention and support. There are many causes or situations that contribute to the widespread problem of starvation in Africa. The main cause is extreme poverty and low incomes…show more content…
The first and often overlooked effect is malnutrition. Malnutrition is defined as an “unhealthy condition that develops when one does not get enough vitamins and minerals to function”(Huber). This condition leads to stunted growth and underdevelopment. “40% of kids in Sub-Saharan Africa are physically stunted”(Gates). Out of all kids worldwide, one in four are stunted, and a staggering ¾ of these live in just the sub-saharan region of Africa(Gates). Another effect of malnutrition is underdevelopment in the body and brain. Both of these effects can contribute to physical issues and low energy levels which can make it difficult to plant, farm, or really have any job. The reason malnutrition is such a serious problem that often goes unnoticed is because one can be getting a good amount of food and still become malnourished. Many kids may be getting enough food so they they don’t die, or don’t necessarily even feel hungry, but still become malnourished and experience effects like stunted growth, reduced energy, and underdevelopment. “In some places, quantity of food isn’t the problem, it’s the quality”(Gates). The foods they’re eating don’t have enough proteins and nutrients to fully develop. Africans don’t only need help getting enough food, but also the right

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