Essay On Stateless Children

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Kavita, 22, was born and raised in Malaysia and wants to be an art teacher. She has been offered jobs at schools but cannot take them because she is stateless and has to work in a local shop. She lacks nationality because her father passed away and her mother left when she was young. Based on the true story we can see how the status of stateless can holding we back to achieve our dreams especially for the youngster. The definition of stateless can be defined as someone who not considered as national by any state under the operation of the law. In a general meaning, stateless is someone who was born without citizenship by any country. Statistic shown that stateless children were born in every ten minutes and this is a problem that is growing wider. The biggest driver that amount to the stateless is due to the discrimination of genders, races, ethnics and violation of the law itself and this is based on the report by United Declaration Human Convention Right (UNHCR).Therefore, there are three reasons why stateless children should be made citizens which are innocent children are being denied from receiving their basic right, development of life of stateless…show more content…
Marriage certificates should be served as more than supporting document. Government by means amended the laws and policies in order to protect the legitimate interest of Malaysian children’s. Howewer we should understand that this matter cannot be accomplished in instances. The flexible amendment of law provides a wider protection especially in this area. They are asking for equal and better opportunity not asking for a special treatment. They wish to live in a normal life, experience a lifetime childhood and it is our duty to give them the missing
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