Essay On Stay Home Parents

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Should stay home moms get a salary from the government? A stay home parent should get a salary from the government because they work hard at being parents and they make sure the kids are ready for school, they make sure dinner is ready for the family, and they are the most important people in the family. Also they are the ones who makes sure the kids are taken care of. A stay home parent is an important person in society . The parents can help the kids learn life values at home.They can teach them the small things for school.Another value is the parents can teach the kids responsibilities. This means the parent could show the child what it's like to be a parent and all the things they do for them. They can show them how to manage…show more content…
A stay home parent isn’t a job where you work a certain amount of hours a week, it’s a job you do 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Parents work hard every second of every day, you don’t only to have take care of yourself now you got to take care of your child now(Should the Gov. ,May2016) . I think if there are problems finding a job then I think the government should have a type of program that is paid to the parent that stays home with a child especially if they are a single parent taking care of a child . I do believe that only one parent needs to be paid to stay home. If you pay someone else to watch your child your taking money out of your household. you raising your…show more content…
They make sure the other other parent has laundry done. They make sure they are up for their job. I think stay home parents should get a salary. They got multiple job titles. They also work hard everyday, and they help us for the future. I think the government should consider it everywhere in the U.S because they could cut back on government paid programs for single parents. Also they can cut back on child care
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