Essay On Residential College Accommodation

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To take the world as a student of the student, the student will not run away from making a choice whether to sit inside the university and outside the university .Collage residence is a typically provided by a private school or public higher education institutions. Preparation is intended to provide accommodation the student or educational institute on a student. With the residential college accommodation problem will be solved, especially for students who come from Sabah and Sarawak.Furthermore, today's students are very difficult to determine whether preferring to stay within or outside the university, due to three factors, namely, cost, convenience and safety wi-fi. Normally, students living in campus, the cost is lower due to lower student does not need to consider the cost of transport to go to campus such as bus or taxi. This is…show more content…
This can also be seen when the Sultan Zainal Abidin own universities that have set period of time and out of the university is limited until 12 am only. With these outsiders, even the students themselves do not impunity can go out into the area of university after that time. The effect of this law, students are able to discipline yourself not to go out at a time that exceeds the period. but if you prefer to stay outside, personal safety, be your own responsibility as it is no longer the responsibility of the university when students are outside the area. If left outside, personal safety very vulnerable if the students themselves do not keep yourself well. For example, when the rental house that is not locked, it will be vulnerable to robbery and theft. Female students in particular. will become a victim of circumstances. Therefore, sit outside or in, yourself have to play a very important and sensitive personal
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