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1. Information today is of paramount importance and is a potent weapon in military domain to turn tables for favourable results. Information encoding in a manner such that the very existence of the information is concealed is useful to carry out hidden exchanges. Intrusion has Intruders attempts to become successful in gaining information from a system in a form that they can read and comprehend. Once successful they may reveal the information to others, modify it to parody or spoof an individual or organization, or use it to launch an attack. One solution to this problem is, through the use of steganography which is a technique of hiding information in digital media. In contrast to cryptography, it doesn’t keep others interpreting the hidden…show more content…
What steganography essentially does is exploit human perception, human senses are not trained to look for files that have information inside of them, although this software is available that can do what is called Steganography. The most common use of steganography is to hide a file inside another file.
9. History of steganography can be traced back to 440 BC, when Herodotus refers to two examples of steganography usage in historical records of Herodotus. The word steganography originated from Greek word “Seganos”, which mean covered or secret and “graphy” which mean writing or drawing. Therefore, steganography mean, covered writing. Throughout history Steganography has been used to secretly communicate information between people. Some examples of use of Steganography is past are:
(a) Use of wax tablets to hide secrete message in ancient Greece was common during wars. People wrote messages on the wood, and then covered it with wax upon which a routine unclassified covering message was written.
(b) In Ancient Greece messenger’s heads were shaved off and then write a message on their head. After the hair grew back the messenger was sent to deliver the message, the recipient would shave off the messengers hair to see the secrete

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