Essay On Stella's Illusion In Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire

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Stella is demonstrated to live her life consumed with illusion until the final scene of the play where, as Blanche is taken away and loses her mental stability, Stella realises the problems that she may have caused by not defending Blanche from Stanley, as she is blinded by her own illusions of her relationship Stanley. Stella lives in denial of her abusive relationship with Stanley by creating excuses and illusions that everything is fine. This is evidenced when Stella says “You’re making too much fuss”, therefore it is obvious that Stella is used to the abuse she receives from Stanley and shows to Blanche that it is a regular thing that would happen to women in New Orleans, however she creates the illusion that it is okay or that it does not happen, as she dismisses giving any information on it. This could be a portrayal of her Southern Belle…show more content…
Alternatively Stella may be surrendering to reality and she now realises the truth of her marriage and future for child, with Stanley because Blanche’s final outcome is evidence of what is to come for her and the child’s future. Williams parents divorced, which caused turmoil for Williams, adding to his depression and therefore he may stop Stella from leaving Stanley to show that a marriage, whether stable or not, is best for a child. The relationship of Stella and Stanley seems to reflect that of Williams’ parents because his mother once described her husband as "a man 's man" who loved to gamble and drink” and Stanley often drinks and plays poker as Stella describes: “when men are drinking and playing poker”. Alternatively Williams’ father was abusive to Williams and the relationship was complicated, so therefore there is the idea that the continuation of the marriage will be troublesome for the child and Williams expresses how the marriage will have a negative impact on the child because of abuse we can predict will happen on the child as of Stanley’s violent nature: “sounds of blows are heard”, when Stanley hits

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