Are Women Equal To Men

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For as long as anyone could remember women always have had a secondary role to men. Even though it is not fair, that stereotype has been around since humans have been around. Many people have wonder why we have that stereotype toward women and well this idea goes back centuries. Every culture has different reasons why this idea is how it is, but nonetheless all cultures have stereotypes towards women. There have been many women who have help try to get this stereotype fixed and they did by getting equal rights laws and etc. but however hard these women try this stereotype still is a big problem in today’s society. Even though by law we are all equal women still get treated this way. We have come along way from women having no reasons to now…show more content…
Well to start off only twenty-two women are in the senate and eighty-four are in the house of representatives. Compare to men women are about ⅕ of the power position in government currently. It is hard to say exactly, but as more women get into more power positions I believe we will get the change and women will demand more respect. Society for a long time have this stereotype because it has been like this since forever and while we are making progress we are still far away. Hillary Clinton almost became the first female president if it wasn’t for the electoral college voting she would be our president, and that was big for this stereotype on women because it is showing we are open to having a women lead our country and if this was 15-20 years ago there was not even a women on the ballot. We are making progress slowly, but surely that we are changing, but we do still have this stereotype about women just because it has been passed down from generation to generation, but as this new generation starts getting older I believe this stereotype will be a thing of the past because the progress we our making is substantial push to change this, it is still going on. We need women to become a President of the United States, most powerful country in the world will change how women are looked at worldwide. I believe once we get our first females president which almost happened so I think it's going to be very soon this stereotype about women is going to be a thing in the past, but for now women are still stuck with this label as second to
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