Essay On Stereotypes In Nursing

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Close your eyes, imagine going to the hospital in the Emergency Room and there is no nurses, what would happen? In this human beings world no one is perfect, but there should be some understand of each other. Stereotype is characteristic composed of false information about group of people because of their sex orientation, race, and etc. In the other hand, misconception is view or an opening of incorrect information that people tend to take in, based on looks and acts of others. Misconception and stereotype are similar by the fact that they are wrong faulty thinking , and they're different because stereotypes is assumption based on groups of people because of their religion and race. Nursing is being a round since the beginning of time and…show more content…
People use both as a second source of information to identify or understand others, however most of the time the information they undertake tend to be false. People have different cultures and religions and everybody is different from one to a another and this is where stereotype comes and tricks people. If a group of people have the same culture or internationally, it does not mean that they are the same socially and personally with same beliefs. Misconception however, does not include race, religion, gender and etc, it's based on how people look, for example, if they're smart, dump, nice or mean. For instance, people misunderstand that individuals who wear glass are smart which is not true, there is no evidence or studies to prove that it is correct, it just the thoughts that comes to a person mine. Example of a common stereotype is when people believe that all Asians are good at mathematics, when coming to the truth not all of them good at it. There are Asians who is good at math but not all of them are good. The difference between these examples is that stereotype one included a race, while misconception was about people in general it didn't included a race or

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