Military Stereotypes Essay

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Deployed into combat, the danger increases with bullets that are ricocheting, while trapped within it all is a fragile woman that is unable to accomplish this mission, are they made for this? Everyday individuals base people and groups off stereotypes, but what are stereotypes? A Stereotype is a widely believed mental picture which categorizes a group of people or things that tend to be based on truth however, usually exaggerated. On the other hand a misconception is an assumption of a person’s or group based on faulty thinking or understanding. How did our population get here, forming so many stereotypes, while naturally people categorize people by placing them within a group to help us mentally identify them. In contrast misconceptions are form from incorrect views based on untruths that are given to people on lack of understanding. There is a lack of understanding because many people are not knowledge of those groups of people. Take the military as an example, in this case the Army, both men and women endure the same basic training and take the exact same qualification…show more content…
The everyday stereotype is based on an exaggerated truth, and is used to socially categorize members of a group, which result in the misrepresentation of the members of the group. Women in the Army made the choice to serve their country and that is not something any man or woman can do, so the women who may be thought as to be, delicate, weak, and emotionally unstable are notions by the stereotypes about the Army women. The stereotypes do not represent the brave and courageous woman of the Army but still social categorizes all to be the same, and is unfair. Stereotypes are embedded in our way of thinking and always will be, no matter what, however stereotypes are not what define the people and their true self so the populations should think twice about categorizing
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