Essay On Stereotypes Of Asian Women

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Current Status Historically, the stereotype emerged from orientalism that was transcribed through film and literature. The mediated image of Asian women in western society is highly hyper-sexualized up to this day. Most of the representations from the media are infrequent and racist that mainly focuses on the false blinding images of these women. In addition, the china doll media portrayal has a negative mass effect on Asians and the rest. As a result of media consumption, these women continue to be victimized by discrimination and objectification in their day-to-day lives. The media plays an important role in influencing the people’s understanding towards the world. Even though the effects per individual are difficult to evaluate, it is evident that they have a widespread impact on society. As a result, this ethnically ambiguous group is dehumanized and stereotyped into a porcelain silent figure. In some cases, Asians in the Americas undergo plastic surgery in order to enhance facial structure and overall appearance to meet the standards of western beauty.…show more content…
Since 1969, the inter-governmental organization United Nations with the help of member states have tried to eradicate racism by drafting resolution papers and putting into action that everyone should be treated accordingly and that no one person should be discriminated according to their race, gender, language or religion. As citizens of the free world, these so-called “China Dolls” are still entitled to their rights and should be treated with respect. Currently, there are no existing laws or bills passed to eradicate the stereotyping of East Asian women as China dolls, but this is solely the responsibility of the people to prevent further
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