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Over the years, styles and trends have drastically changed in the media. This is a result of the need to make new, exciting things that entice people. Along with these changes, women have changed throughout the years, as well. It is obvious what was a considered “cool” in the 1980s is not the same as present day. Styles changed from big, poufy hair and bright colors to sleeked down, straight hair and neutral shades of blacks and greys with the occasional pop of color. The real question is, are the ever changing scenes in the social world causing the stereotypes of young women to change? In my opinion, this is exactly the case. Women have always envied the way other women look. Whether it was Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s or Kylie Jenner from present day, there is always someone that is inspiring young women and their appearance. Ladies like Marilyn and Kylie are appealing to men. It seems that most men like women with flawless images. At an early age, girls strive to look good, fit in, and even mimic famous beauties. Personally, I have always wanted to look and sound like Carrie Underwood. She has an amazing body and voice, and I have heard multiple guys…show more content…
When Anne Becker presented her research on the changes in Fiji to the American Psychiatric Association, she negated a direct causal link between television and eating disorders (Goodman, 502). This theory makes sense. No one is forcing these women to starve themselves to look like an actress, they are choosing to not eat. While this may sound harsh, it is true. Competing with other women on who looks better has always been a struggle for women. Before television was introduced in Fiji, women were eating more food so they could be bigger than their companions. While this theory is not totally insane, it is not healthy. Women are constantly trying to change themselves to be accepted in their

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