Essay On Sterification In America

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It is largely remembered for its badly made science, the obvious race and class biases of many of its leading people. It was a cruel program of segregation and sterilization of thousands of people who were judged to have substandard genes. The New Deal helped to build the relationship between the government and the American citizens by creating a relationship with the people in which they came to depend more on the government than they did. Before the new deal the government paid no attention to the citizen problems. “The hundred days also brought the government into providing relief to those in need” (Foner 814).After the new deal everything changed, the government were more involved in what they people thought, and also believed. Everyone has different experiences of minorities but for Hispanics, blacks and Indians all of this was unfair. The ones that were living a good life were the whites. If they were not they were sure in better conditions that the rest of the other races. That is why the natives think it is not fair.…show more content…
I feel like Americans have been through a lot. “The United States had suffer deeply in the great depression of the 1930’s, and some people even began to despair of the ability of capitalism and democracy to solve overriding economic problems.” (Adams). It also contributes information for those who did not know like myself. I had no clue about the eugenics, simply because we do not want to learn about our country’s story. We learn more and more each day. It helps me understand why U.S gets involved in other countries’ problems. They U.S has been through a lot so I feel like all they are trying to do now is help to avoid what they went
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