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Archeologist and researcher had puzzled over the mysteries of Stonehenge for many years and Stonehenge has been subjected to many speculations about its origin, transportation and function, ranging from the academic worlds of archaeology to explanations from mythology and the paranormal. Just as the late Professor Richard Atkinson said, " there is one short, simple and perfectly correct answer. We do not know and we shall probably never know". (Bradshaw Foundation, n.d )
I. Stonehenge is located in southern England, is one of the best known, most contemplatedgmonuments in the world . it consists of,approximately 100 massive upright stones placed in a circle formation. (Alexander 2008 ).The stones we see today represent Stonehenge in ruin
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A strong archaeological evidence show that it once a burial site , at least for a certain period of history. According to some scholars, it was a ceremonial site, a religious pilgrimage destination, a final resting place for royalty or a memorial erected to honor and perhaps spiritually connect with distant ancestors This is quite different to the National Geography in term of what Parker Pearson believed that the landscape around the stonehenge was once used for normal living life activities such as farming and grazing contradict with the statement which stated that stonehenge has been used for a larger ritualized domain of the dead. In Bradshaw Foundation they suggest another theory that the Stonehenge was a clock to foretell the time of the solstices and perhaps also of sun and lunar eclipses. This is due to the location of stonehenge that is aligned Northeast-Southeast that is significance with the solstice and equinox points. For example on a midsummer's morning, the sun rose close to the Heel Stone, and the sun's first rays went directly into the center of the monument between the arms of the horseshoe arrangement. It is unlikely that such an alignment can have been merely

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