Essay On Stonewall Riots

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Less than twenty-four hours after the riots ended, the Stonewall was back in business. Although, there was no alcohol and there was little music, but people celebrated. They hugged and they kissed one another, reflecting on what had happened. Many people went out and spread the word of what had happened that night. (Bausum, Ann) Many people were waiting to see if there would be something public about it, or that everyone who was at Stonewall was going to be arrested, but there wasn’t. Many people didn’t know how to respond to the actions that had happened that night. Some went back to rioting. They began chanting their chants and raising havoc. They wanted to control Christopher Street and make it their own gay street. The Rioting police came again. Bottles were thrown, clubs swung, and fires were reset. This rioting, though, only went on for a few hours. Only little outbursts followed in the days after. A couple days after the Riots, a local newspaper put out their newest issue. Their words provoked another riot. This one wasn’t as bad. The newspaper made fun of the gays, saying that what they did was outrageous and uncalled for. (Bausum, Ann) Little riots continued after that. After the riots, people began to realize that gays actually do matter. That, the gay and homosexual community is capable of the same things as…show more content…
The LGBT community was no exception. They were tired of having their bars and entertainment centers raided every other day. They were tired of being arrested for showing their love for their partner. The homosexuals in New York City decided to take a stand and fight against the police at the Stonewall Inn, a local gay bar. After this stand, many arrests and raids stopped. Awareness was raised because of this. Now, the homosexuals are free to live their lives how they want to, without anyone stopping their
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