Essay On Store Environment

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2.4 Environment:
The environment either its offline environment or online environment of malls and stores still they can be conceptualized as entities that are basically used by consumers to make sense of the further store shopping experience. For example if the store has light music, easy to navigate the shops, lightening is pleasant, then the consumers are really attracted to the store. Similarly if we talk about online stores , we got through many online shopping stores like kaymu, and we concluded that these are considered as entities that are usually used by the consumers to create the sense of the exploration of the website’s products and items. For example in online shopping stores there are features like navigation buttons, transactions, product details and information , the overall charity, the clutter of screens, shipping information and all of these thing allows the customers to create the sense of the environment, the transactions, shippings and products the customers are engaged in. On the other side, the
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Basically a brand contains its own humans features and characteristic that is called brand personality. Brands can also be loved by the consumers in the way they they love other persons. If we talk about the single brand store, the customers can feel the store or mall brand’s personalities that are injected by the malls environment. The most important thing in whole scenario is brand love, strong emotion and attraction to the brand, it is basically considered as the important concept for online shopping stores. Actually the emotional devotion can promise long lasting consumer loyalty and the environment of the store drastically enhances the love for the store and will result in the long term consumer
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