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Adequate stormwater drainage is very essential in the modern infrastructure of the city since it effects the roadway serviceability and usable life. If stormwater logging at the some critical low lying areas occurs Hydroplaning becomes an important safety concern. Stormwater drainage design for the peak rainy days involves providing facility that collect, transport and remove stormwater from the low lying critical areas of Surat city. The design must also consider the stormwater reaching in the lower critical level areas through natural stream flow on manmade ditches.
In Surat city some critical location flooding occurs during monsoon season. It is that interval of time in which river Tapi flows under high flood condition also. According to location there are some types of flood occurs in city
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The main problem is that the stormwater drainage system is become more insufficient day by day because of some natural and artificial changes of Surat city.
According to that all aspects some critical locations flooding problem is occurs at some low-lying areas of Surat city especially at central zone of city. Now a day the current drainage system is not sufficient during peak rainfall days and high flood situation in river Tapi when flood gates are closed.
It is resulting no more discharge possible to the river and no proper conveyance of additional rainfall water. That is why flooding situation occurs in low-lying areas of Surat city.
Some major creeks also not much sufficient to drain the access stormwater because of the path of this creeks is obstructed by some manmade obstruction and it is becoming narrow due to silting. Some location flood is occurs by overflowing of this major creeks of central zone of Surat

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