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Question Discuss Toolan’s view that storytelling is a ‘core human activity’ which is directly connected to the ‘making and remaking of our identity and our relationships’ (2006, p. 76 & p. 54). Storytelling is a core human activity related to identity and relationships Para 1 Discussion of the nature and importance of spoken narrative in general. Every day, we speak and communicate with others through the act of telling story. Toolan (2006) says narrative or story is a ‘core’ structuring form, found in major literary genres, such as novels and short stories, folk tales, fairy tales and epics, as well as in other art forms, both verbal and non-verbal, such as pictures and film, ballet and mime, etc. It is also, however, pervasive and routine in our interactions with others. We normally capture and encapsulate a state or change of the state of two connected scenes or situations in our daily conversations. Mostly, apart from gossiping, we tell stories about ourselves that related or value to us to share experiences, to entertain, to explain, to build up or destroy rapport. Thus storytelling is directly connected to our making and remaking of our identity and our…show more content…
Bock (2006) uses Labov’s narrative structure and follows Gee in dividing the narratives into stanzas. This is a hybrid of analysis and Bock believes it is very effective and convincing since Labov’s narrative structure allows her to identify the framework of the narrative in order to dig out the notion of evaluation and in the same time, Gee’s structuring the narrative by grouping it into lines, stanzas and parts allows her to highlights the overarching narrative as well as the mini-narrative under the big umbrella of the narrative itself. Apart from that, through the story from Bock, Toolan (2006) believes story has no time constraint; it can be re-opened anytime by the speaker differently with the fact amended or
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