Essay On Street Children

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INTRODUCTION Street children are school age 5 to 18 years old. The majority are children in difficult situations, who struggle to survive in urban areas. Street children and youths are likely being the victims of HIV/AIDS in ways that can reduce their childhood, then it limits their choices and opportunities for successful survival throughout their lives. It is predicted that millions of children international are displaced or living their lives on the street. It is suggested that thousands of children are too involved in the commercial sex exploitation. The leading cause of the problem is usually by poverty, population growth, and regular movement as a result of civil war, drought and famine. Increasing numbers of street children have lost their parents due to illness related to HIV/AIDS. According to Aids & Addis, (2005) Eastern and Southern African children are cared by grandparents, this leads children, and orphans end up on the street more quickly as a result. Street children and youths are more exposed to HIV/AIDS than elder people because of their social, emotional and psychological devolvement is incomplete. They incline to experiment with unsafe behaviour with little awareness of the danger. Thus, risky…show more content…
They are the Social-economic and cultural influence, Gender dimension of risk and openness, Sexuality, Condom use and problem related to condom and Substance abuse, alcohol, drug usage and unsafe sexual practices. Conversely, these leads them into having been practicing multiple sexual partners and condom use is not regularly used. Most street children were practicing sexual intercourse with commercial sex partner exchanging sex for money, food, cloth and with non-regular sex partners, yet, the children have knowledge about HIV /AIDS transmission and
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