Essay On Street Style

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Much skepticism had been made about what a unique sense of style is. In this digital world that we live in, we could easily find people with a unique sense of style through various digital platform; like Instagram and even various high fashion magazines like Vogue. The sole question that we are all wondering is what exactly is street style and a unique sense of style. It is not every day that we can see people like Susanna Lau walking down the street with much confidence dressing with prints on prints and looking like a burst of happiness from all the colors that she’s wearing. There is much debate about fashion bloggers, high street fashion and street style, but more of that will be explained later. Getting back to the topic, when we define street style, and a unique sense of style, what comes to your mind first? Defining it base on first impressions from those words to me, street style is a type of style or subculture that you can find on the streets, where people dress quite differently according to their beliefs or interest. To give you an example, it will be like the teddy boys, who have a distinct set of style and gestures. On the other hand, a unique sense of style is someone who dresses uniquely who usually makes heads turn…show more content…
Hence, quote street style as “any offbeat or avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture or urban street people”, while, the word unique is defined simply as unusual or not typical. Street style has been around from the very start, but it has only been known widely during the 1950s. Street style is deemed as an attitude that reflects a person’s lifestyle from the color of the clothing that you choose to the cut of the garment. It also reflects your personal belief that helps to showcase the difference between you as an individual and the rest. (Polhemus
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