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Human development has interesting stages due to the changes in behaviour and growth of the body. Adolescent depression is a serious development issue which faces most households, hence requires proper attention. The occurrence of adolescent depression is most common in the modern society, though the impact of the depression has not been addressed adequately and may be significant. Many behavioural problems, for example, school dropout, drug abuse, unprotected sexual activity, suicide, self- inflicted injuries are the result of depression. Regular depression screening is important in the healthcare setting since it helps the physicians treat depression and employ recovery mechanisms for the patients. This report will evaluate a strength-based model of care and explore how its supports nurses to work in partnership with children. The report will also demonstrate how health promotion and health education impact the health of children and their families. Furthermore, this report will identify issues that affect children and/or families and suggest recommendations for nursing practice. A strength-based model …show more content…

The nurses who practice family centred approach are focused on ensuring they look after the health and well-being of adolescents. Nurses recognise the emotional, social and developmental support are critical components of healthcare. The family centred approach facilitates the exploration of nurse's health experiences as an opportunity of building on the cultural values in support families of the adolescents who are experiencing depression. The patient and family-based model enhanced better health outcomes and the proper utilization resources by the nurses, through sharing of information and supporting families with depressed adolescents (Liu, & Miller, 2014). This approach leads to better health outcomes and proper allocation of resources in the role of nurses in caregiving and making

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