Reflection On The Clifton Strength Finder

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Leaders possess different strengths that allow them to succeed in their career or life. The Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment helped identify my top strengths and how to lead with my strengths in order to further develop them. My top five strengths were competition, positivity, winning others over (WOO), harmony, and achiever. Based on the meaning of each strength, I related to all them, however, I was surprised by some of them.
This was the second time I had taken the strengths finder assessment and like my previous results I receive competition as my top strength. I have always been an extremely competitive person, whether it be sports, school, or employment. I have always strived to be the best and dislike losing. According to the results a person who is competitive measure their progress based on the performance of others. I extremely relate to this since I feel satisfied when I outperform other coworkers, peers, or friends. For example, at school when a test is given I must always obtain the highest grade from my group of friends or else I will be unsatisfied. Furthermore, the results explain that a competitive person empowers others to strive for their best. Concurring with the statement I always empower my team members to be the …show more content…

Nevertheless, it is the way that friction is approached that makes a difference. By applying my positive attitude and sense of finding a common ground among coworkers, it will enable me to apply this strength to my daily life. Lastly, the strength of achiever was a lesser theme for me compared to my other top strengths. I sometimes take on too many tasks and want to accomplish many things in order to make me feel good about myself. I am extremely committed to everything I do and influence others to succeed in what they do. Yet, I need to learn how to prioritize certain goals and put things to the

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