Essay On Stress In Journalism

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1.1 Background
Generally it is observed that a sort of a duress or stress on the journalists may be positive or productive as long it is tolerable, however the fact remains that i a country like Pakistan where there is not the professional hazard alone, yet the internal factors, on the job insecurity, low pay and uncalled for interla pressures in an organization lead to counter-producti9ve for the professional journalists and media personnel. Stress may prove an asset as long as it is tolerable and helps in creating healthy competition. Organizational excellence and individual success are achieved via well managed stress. We all live in stressful society, Bo, D. a. (1997). Stress and job satisfaction among Journalists in Benue State Nigeria. “No stress means no thoughts… No mission to accomplish” having been observed by the author and researcher as mentioned above, as a result of this, much concern has been shown through research into issues of stress among the media personnel and journalists. Media plays an important role in every societythat is generally observed to be as one of the state. They are judiciary,
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The present year 2016 marked a rare occasion for journalists in Pakistan to celebrate the third verdict convicting a murderer of journalist when District and Sessions Court in Karak district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, sentenced one Aminullah to life imprisonment for the killing of Jang Group journalist Ayub Khattak. The journalist was shot dead on October 11, 2013 for his reporting about the drug business in which Aminullah was involved. The conviction was successful as his family vigorously pursued the murder charges against the accused. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) have seen 28 cases of journalist murders, and none, except in Khattak’s case, have been arrested so

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