Essay On Stress In Nursing Education

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In an era of increasing competition in nursing field, nursing education is considered as one of the most crucial element for improving the quality of professional identity of future nurses. Nursing education in Saudi Arabia underwent dramatic change during the recent years as a result of increasing demand for highly qualified skillful nurses. Ultimately, the attention to nursing student education and overcoming any defects which affected the learning process is a crucial goal for all academic nursing institutions [1].
Stress is the pattern of both specific and nonspecific responses that an organism makes to stimulus and/or events that disturb its equilibrium and exceed its ability to cope [2]. Stress has been identified as a twentieth century disease and has been viewed as either wear or tear that human bodies are going
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Also, they must; deal with highly technical equipment, perform complex procedures which may cause serious harm to their critically ill patients in the distressing clinical settings, work with dying patient, and face inter and/ or intrapersonal conflict with other colleagues, feel of insecurity about clinical competences and fear of failure [9,10].
Numerous studies [11,12] suggested that several sources of stress during nursing education and training include; fear from unknown , new clinical environment, conflict between the ideal and real during the clinical practice, unfamiliarity with medical history, lack of professional nursing skills, unfamiliar patient’ diagnosis and therapeutic modalities. Also the students’ had to provide physiological, psychological and social care to critically ill patients with their fear of making mistakes or dying of terminally ill
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