Stressful Work Environment Essay

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Stressful work environment according to American Psychology Association (APA) can contribute to many problems both physical and emotional including self-destruction. American Psychology Association (APA) help center provides a certain guide to exhibit common problems and resolutions. Common stress factors work-related can be associated with money, workload, insufficient opportunities, insufficient control and with poor support both from company and superior. Work-related stress does not disappear right after closing the door and leaving from work to home. It can follow us everywhere.
In my life, I faced stress in the highest possible dose when running a company and bootstrapping a startup. The short story behind that is that my startup failed and took down with it my company and forced me to
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I was astonished that all the other were “not-good-enough”. I felt underappreciated, I decided to do only what I was expected to removing all additional activities and ideas related to my job. I felt a void in me growing and I started to look for a solution and decided to stick to the rules and invest in me because this will give me a sense of purpose and later a better path to achieve my dreams. My manager encourages everyone to invest in skills and knowledge so I followed the suggestions and instead of trying to improve the company I am constantly improving myself. The stress went away, my responsibilities are done in a perfect way.
My stress level tolerance is a lot higher than others due to my past and my grit. Stress management is a work in progress for me but I always manage to see positives even if everything looks negative. According to Ryan Holiday (2014) “Failure shows us the way—by showing us what isn’t the way.” and this is one of the most important lessons I learned the hard way, it changed me and allowed to control my fears and reduce

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