Essay On Strict Parenting

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Strict parenting is a toilsome war. Kids may think their life is a living hell, but the outcome is definitely bliss. Parents are strict because they love their children and they want them to be a successful and prospering adult. A child needs to be loved and nurtured, but also instructed so they know wrong from right. Without a functioning conscience formed by their parents, children will not have successful and full life. A strict parenting approach is beneficial to raising successful children; kids with strict parents have more educational success, are more independent, and make better decisions.
There are many reasons for children's educational success, but the main source is from strict parenting. Teaching children boundaries and respect
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An independent child will be successful in life because they will be more self-motivated. Self-motivation is a very important character trait, and strict parenting brings out the best of it in children. The Federalist assented that the function of a parent is to direct their wild children so that they slowly develop internal controls based of the parent’s firm external controls (Pullmann). These respectable conscience decisions develop from raging battles and contribute greatly to a self-motivated kid. In other words, self-motivated kids are benefited by a strict upbringing. Furthermore, independence is an important source of confidence. Confidence is crucial to a successful future. For example, Living The Bump expresses, “strict parents push their children to be better, so they develop confidence in themselves and their abilities” (Zagata). Setting limits and directing raucous kids improves their confidence and overall success. Being confident helps in school, social interactions, and in professional life. Independence also leads to freedom. Freedom is perhaps the best part of independence. Beyond financial freedom, individuals have freedom to go outside the community and make a difference in the world. Freedom is so important that America fought for it. The idea that parents can give their children what Americans gave their life for is quite
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