Strict Parents'strictness

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How parents’ strictness influences the futures of their children
In teenagers’ courses of growth, parents always act a significant role to help them to learn and develop themselves. Parents also influent their childrens’ values and beliefs in daily life which lead them to a diverse future. Generally, there are four types of parenting styles including authoritarian,authoritative, permissive and uninvolved.(Greenwood, 2016.).“Tiger mum” is a well-known term to describe strict parents who impose children to follow their plans in order to achieve their goals. Although there may be some advantages of strict parenting such as good academic performance, it will cause a serveral of negative impacts to children in the long term.

Children tends to have
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Strict parents have many restrictions and give little freedom to their children such as they need to practice the music instrument for five hours which deprive their time to have entertainments. Children may wonder what happened if they do not follow the “rules” and against their parents which often break the parent-child relationship. (“12 pros and cons of authoritarian parenting”,2015). In order to prevent punishment, children may also refuse to tell the truth to their parents. (Miller, 2016.) The children tends not sharing their daily life with their parents or may tell lies when their parents ask their questions. As a result, the gap between parents and children is widen and they are not willing to understand each other which futher distance them and create the vicious cycle.When they have emothional problems, they will not seek help from parents and can not receive supports from their parents, they may seek from other unproperate way such as doing drugs to escape from reality. Moreover, the children rarely have time and chance to play and communicate with their peers, they might not have good interpersonal skills and communication skills. “Teachers rate them as less socially competent, less helpful, less popular and less likely to be accepted by their peers.”(Greenwood,2016). They tend not to have a wide social circle and they may not be able to work with colleagues in the future. Being alone…show more content…
When they work in the company or face some problems by themselves, they may not be able to find out the solutions. Besides, they may easily get lost and feel sad when their parents do not push them.(Qin, D.B. et al.,2012). These children perhaps do not have self-discipline which would be a big troublesome that hinder their development. For example, they may not manage their work and leisure properly. As they can not control themselves, they are probably spend more time in entertainment or something else which will decrease their work efficiency and their life will become a
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