Essay On Strip Clubs

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Question No. 8: Answer: In order to answer this question, I would like to describe the first what actually strip clubs are. Basically strip clubs are the places (theaters, bars, night clubs etc) where strippers provide the adult entertainment to the visitors. The entertainment could be in the form of dance and songs performed by male and female strippers. While performing, the male and female performers could be fully nude, topless, or in Bikini but it depends on the type o strip clubs. So in short, we can say that strip clubs are the places entertainment is provided just for the adults and it is related with pornography. Regarding my experience of visiting a strip club, fortunately I have never visited any sort of strip club in my life. There are many reasons behind this fact. The most important reason is my religious…show more content…
One of my friends visited the “Chicas Locas” which is type of strip club in Houston area. He visited this club last Friday. According to my friend “it was a good experience to visit “Chicas Locas”. This visit gives me a lot of entertainment and gives me a chance to get rid of my bore routine, home to office, office to home”. So I can say that there are few friends who visit the strip clubs on special occasions. According to my understanding, people visit these sorts of entertainment places because this gives them a sense of relaxation and unique entertainment. Furthermore having a facility or chance to visit strip clubs is also another reason due to which my friends or other people visit strip clubs. So if there is not facility of strip clubs, they may not have a chance to visit the strip clubs. Another reason important reason for visiting strip clubs is that strip clubs is a well established industry like other industries of entertainment like movies, TV shows, music etc. So that is why visitors of strip clubs just considered it as a type of normal
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