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Structural durability is the capacity of structures to resist deterioration given expected and unexpected environmental attack. The aim is to maintain the potential of serviceability loss and structural failure at an acceptable level throughout a specified service life. The improvement of structural durability requires an understanding of environmental exposure, which may be significantly affected by climate change-related factors such as increasing concentrations of atmospheric CO2, rising air temperatures, and sea level rise. Practices to reduce deterioration should be considered at four stages: material design, structural design, construction, and operation. In general, the standards address the need to take into account the
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Generally a volumetric measurement by a wooden or metallic box used. The box may be of any size as long as containers of the same size are used and filled to the same level for all materials. The minimum mix proportion of 1:1.5:3. (Cement: sand: stones) by volume shall be used for the concrete construction. To produce the dense impermeable concrete allow water-cement ratio not more than 0 .45 shall be used. The minimum compressive strength of concrete at 28days shall be 21Mpa tested on standard cylinders. The 7 days crushing strength shall not be less than 2/3rd of the specified 28 days strength.

In order the reinforcing steel from corrosion by the exposure to air, moisture and other harmful agents particularly in coastal environment and severe exposure conditions and develop necessary bond resistance between the steel and concrete, a minimum cover between the outer faces of steel and concrete shall be provided. For corrosion protection the minimum clear cover to reinforcing bars for ay reinforced concrete construction In the coastal areas shall be as : slabs-50mm, beams-63mm, Columns-63mm, and concrete cast against and permanently exposed to earth -75mm.

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