Essay On Structural Engineering

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Fascination sparks curiosity, often leading to manmade marvels, be it the Eiffel Tower or the Oresund tunnel that connects Denmark to Sweden. My fascination for the construction domain began at a very tender age, sketching vague drawings of houses or how fluidic cement paste when kept undisturbed for a certain period of time becomes hard as rock. Fascination turned into awe when I started school at the National Institute of Engineering, specifically my first visit to the KRS dam. The sheer size of this megastructure piqued my interest towards the civil engineering domain, motivating me to become a civil engineer by profession.
Alongside a stringent academic schedule, the civil engineering department at NIE nurtured my request to undergo programs such as soil consultancy program, where I dealt with real
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My initial formal exposure to structural engineering came in the form of “Mechanics of Deformable Bodies”. This course inculcated the fundamental tenets of structural behaviour which in turn structural engineering as my undergraduate focus. On progression of my academic career, I successfully pursued courses titled “Fundamentals of Structural Analysis” and “Analysis of Indeterminate Structures” which in turn enabled me to undertake elastic analysis of structures using flexibility and stiffness approaches. Design courses like “Fundamentals of RC Design”, “Design of Steel Structures” and “Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering” equipped me with adequate tools to carryout Load Resistant Factor Design whilst introducing me to IS (Indian Standard) code for civil construction works. While my prolific undergraduate career has given me a glimpse of viable domain, I am certain my decision to pursue the postgraduate program specializing in Structural engineering will lead to the holistic development of my academic and professional
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