Essay On Structural Welding

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Structural Welding
Structural Welders work in the field of welding together structural components temporarily tacked into place beforehand. Welding can be traced back to ancient times. Some of the earliest examples come from the Bronze Age. Small circular boxes made of gold formed by pressure welding lap joints. These boxes are more than 2000 years old. Acetylenes discovery is credited to Edmund Davy from England(History of Welding). Today welding has many uses and the demand for welders is more than it’s ever been.
Career Requirements and Qualifications
Structural welding requires specialized training at a vocational school, tech center, or community college. Another option is enrolling in a five year apprentice or internship program(What
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I asked him several questions about what it’s like to be a structural welder and how their job can contribute to the world. When asked “why did you decide to go into welding as a career?” Babek responded with “Well my interest in welding started in high school when I began to worry about what I was going to do when I got out into the world on my own and I remember hearing all kinds of things about the career opportunities welding presented so I asked my school counselor about the subject.” I found myself rather interested in his story as it went on. He continued with “See she told me welding was a very profitable venture to pursue as an early start out of highschool and further if you enjoy it. I got to thinking about trying this for myself so I signed up for classes and found myself enjoying welding quite a bit and that I was good at it too. Soon I had my certifications in about 9 months.” I was very impressed at the fact that you could get certified in such a short time. I then asked him how he found a job in the field. He said “I started looking for jobs as soon as I graduated and quickly found a good company to start working for. The pay was fantastic for a young man fresh out of high school and as the years went on I eventually returned to where I learned to weld and took over my old teachers job so that I too could teach people such as you to weld and get yourself into the

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