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1.0 Introduction
This chapter gives early descriptions that are related to the study which is on absenteeism among student general and specifically , student’s abseentism in university.

1.1 Background of the Study
Student absences from university classes is no a new phenomenon nowadays. Absenteeism can be defined as persistent, habitual, and unexplained absence from school (Brooks, 1997, as cited in Bond, 2004). This phenomenon happens in each educational centre.So, is no longer a serious problem because it becomes something familiar around us. Its happen either in primary, secondary or university level. It is a matter of concern because it can lead to insufficient learning on the part of those
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Other than that, there also need for generate effective solution and then try to resolve the existing problem.
A major problem faced by school is how to effectively deal with absenteeism and truancy (DeSocio et al.,2007).When a student has not attended school for a long-time period or always skipped classes, they will missed the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge.According to (Schmidt,1983), absenteeism affects the students’ ability to get high scores in examinations which can cause the decreasing of grades or the student may fail and will cause him or her to repeat the same year level.
The problem of absenteeism should be taken seriously because its can directly affect student’s performance and give impact to the economy to be retarded.It is because student’s are country assets.The country’s future is depend on these human capitals. High quality human capital definitely can boost country level to a higher level in terms of

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