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For one to be able to participate and take place in a sport or school team, the student athlete should be able to understand the responsibilities that come with it. Student athletes are very active and are usually too caught up in the school team or sport that the student would forget about school and school work. To be able to participate in these sports and school teams, one should be able to maintain a high average overall. If a student athlete does not go into the athletic field, then the student would need a back-up plan, or if the student does go into the athletic field one would still have to be a high school graduate which means finishing high school with thirty-two credits, meaning the student would have to pass all the courses the student takes unless one goes to summer school or does early morning courses.

If a student does not
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To go onto higher education such as university or college, a student will need to have a high average from high school. This is because if a student wants to go into a different field, one would need to be able to get a degree or masters for that the student would need to complete four or five years of university. To get into a university one would need to have a high average. Back-up plans are not something every student athlete thinks about when in fact the student should. To be a professional athlete a student would need to know that athlete careers will not always work out as planned. The student would have to have a stable job or at least an education that would come in use when the student discovers that the athletic career is not suitable for one. Perhaps if it does not work out the way one planned it would the student would not be in a state where the student has no job or education, but would follow
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