Essay On Student Debt

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The Problem with Student Debt
Students have enough trouble trying to get into college because of the cost of tuition. The rise of student debt is increasing and there are many people who are concerned with the rising percentage. Student debt comes from the loans that are being handed out in the wrong way. Student debt is taking a toll on people in their future. Some people believe that if the household income is not where the requirements should be that students should not be able to take out a loan. Others believe that household income should not determine how much a student can take out.
The first discussion topic is that people think the amount of money that comes in a student’s household should determine how much they receive in their
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One of their reasons is because using a student’s household income to determine how much they can get can stop a smart student from going to a college of their choice. There could be a smart student who has a low income that really wonts to go to college cannot afford it and when they go take a loan they would not the right amount because of an income that is not their fault. The second reason is that someone could have a backup payment plan on paying the loans back and taking out a huge loan could not be a big deal. The amount of income that a family gets doesn’t determined how much they could make from their job. They could take out a loan and could have a payment plan to take money from their work check and pay the loan back monthly. The third reason people think loans should not be based off income is because students know what amount of money is good to take out and which amount is not the best for their limit. When a student goes in to get a loan most of them do not go over a limit that they know they cannot pay back. Last reason people think students should not base loans off income is because more students would go to college instead of not going at all or dropping out, because of how much household income is coming into their
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