Essay On Student Stress

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Nowadays, with the rapid development in the world, a higher educational level is needed to meet the demand from the world. Hence, the competitiveness inside schools are intensifying when the time goes by, and increase amount of stress is experienced by the student. Different personalities, such as optimism and pessimism, of oneself, might affect the way one perceives and copes with stress. According to Carver & Connor-Smith (2010), optimism is the manifestation of confident, while pessimism is the manifestation of doubt towards life. Below, with students as the target population, I will talk about the type of stress students are facing, the importance of studying student’s stress and compare the way optimists and pessimists cope with stress, specifically with academic stress.

Firstly, the type of stress that students are facing is acute stress. According to American Psychology Association (n.d.), acute stress comes from the needs and pressure in the past and the expected needs and pressure in the future. Although acute stress might not be that serious, when acute stresses are cumulated, it became a short-term stress, and it could cause distress. For students, the performance of homework, tests, quizzes and examinations can be the reason causing one to feel stress. Stress appears with teachers, parents and own expectation to do well at school. (Huan, Yeo, Ang & Chong, 2006) Due to the past result, if it is satisfactory, then one, parents, teachers and classmates will have a
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