Essay On Students Should Be Required To Take Arts Education

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Students should be required to take arts courses.
Good afternoon, dear ladies and gentlemen. My name is Symbat and I am from 10th B grade. Now I want to start with the question: have you known that fine arts including music, theater, and drawing are mandatory in countries with highest test scores in math and science like Japan, Hungary, and the Netherlands? Numerous studies have demonstrated the incredible benefits of an arts education. Despite this reality, however, many schools today are cutting back their art classes requirement due to budget restraints, which makes me upset. Students should be required to take arts courses, because this type of education firstly offers an option of future job and also comes as a significant aspect of academic and social development. Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show to them.” With this intention, my first point is that all the fine arts education is trying to do is open up a different world of learning to students, so they can make an informed decision on if they
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The study tells that students who received more arts education revealed better results on standardized tests like IQ, improved their social collaboration and creativity skills and were more motivated than those who had reduced or no access. With this in mind, can you think of the opportunities given to us?! How prosperous we can be in different spheres? Especially important to realize that all these abilities help you to achieve highest academic goals no matter whether you are a future artist or not. Accordingly, the arts classes should be required in schools, so the students can be successful in any classes while graduation as these developed skills will always help them in
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