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Subculture is significant factor of urban setting. It related to urban culture, or rural culture, or the culture within middle class. The concept of the subculture means sub-division of a regional culture, subculture is combination of social situation between difference classes, personal background, religion and metropolitan, but its combination manner will impact on the participating individual. Green had make the clear point about ‘highly organized subcultures’ with the question: ‘since in the new generation no individual participates in exact cultural complex totally but fundamentally in series of residence groups according to sex, age class, carrier, nation, religion and race all somewhat differing norms and prospect of behavior –how do they organize in many difference ways to build varying background for individual reason of psychoneurotic trends?’ [Green 1946: 354]
The overall subculture’s concept to American scene would lead to the description of a greater number of sub-culture and altering pattern behavior of interaction with each other. Subculture can be exist in every level in society, urban residence always find a way to creating a new sense of ideologies in spite of transgressions of the way we usually dress and proper behavioral manner. The community liked to have similar perspective, dressing styles and common sense.
However, one of the most famous and influential subculture
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It calls punk rock that associated with shock, discontent and rebel against society. Punk subculture emerged in the UK, the United States and Australia in the mid of 1970’s, the concept of punk is conflict with hippie movement and prior counter culture. They usually express punk ideologies through punk rock music. Punk was the first culture which adopted DIY (do it yourself) practice, that anyone could make their music band, organizing their own concert and including having their own

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