How Does Success Come Without Failure Essay

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When I personally think of success, I first think about all of the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to that epitome. The failures that come with success can show a lot about a person 's mindset and how hard they truly work to achieve their ultimate goal. Some people might argue that success shouldn’t come without failure if that person fully applies themselves, but I strongly disagree. Failure is one of the main building blocks in success because many famous athletes and celebrities have proved it true, not achieving a certain goal can push someone to work even harder, and failure makes success feel even more sufficient.

First off, many pro athletes and other figures some look up to like Oprah and Michael Phelps, came from the lowest of the low and eventually reached the top after so many failures. However, the celebrity I look up to most due to his drive to achieve his goals is Michael Jordan. Jordan, in some minds, is the most skilled basketball pro of all time, but he didn’t achieve this without failure. Two times he was cut from his high school basketball team. To
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A perfect example I have experienced was tearing my ACL during a football game in my third year of middle school. Immediately after the injury happened, I put it behind me and focused on regaining strength in my leg to get back to the sport I loved. Without the mental and physical drive of failure, I know I would’ve never made the quick recovery I managed to make. A fair amount of people might think that not succeeding at something could just bring someone down, however I feel that unless that person has no drive or will to fight through the situation, they’re going to use the frustration and inner rage to use failure as motivation. Just the idea of failure can put an uneasy feeling in somebody’s head, which can drive them to push through whatever hardship they’re
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