Essay On Success In Life

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Some People Fail in School, but are Successful in Life Introduction Most people think that if you excel in your studies, you will become successful as you will get good jobs, high salary per month and manage to lead a comfortable life in luxury. But that is not the case as the meaning of success varies to different types of people. Some will find that success is having freedom of choosing whatever to wear, and some will find that success is to feel the satisfaction of earning your own money, in your own way. While that may seem to be the case, the definition of success here is “knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others” (Maxwell, John C, 1947). It is true that by having good grades you will become successful, but in this modern days, even the students who has earned many awards and scholarships are jobless. It is not their fault that they are jobless, and this does not apply to all but some students. Having good grades is a bonus for you in life. But keep in mind that having good grades does not necessarily mean that you already have a guaranteed future of success. Having a successful life depends on you, especially in decision making. And although it is common for people to think that if you fail in school you will not be successful, but the second richest man in Asia has…show more content…
This is because, people have different opinions regarding the topic. Some will say that health is important, some would say family, and some would say happiness. But in my honest opinion, the most important aspect in life is failure. It is true that failure is not something that should be look upon, but if you think again, what exactly did you gain from failure? You gained so much from just one failure. You learn from it and it is a lesson that no one can teach you. It is also a bittersweet memory for you in the
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