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What is success and how is it achieved? Success has several different meanings depending on people. For some people it is being faithful, honest; nevertheless for the others it is just fame, money, and power. Just as success itself, its source is also defined differently. Many think it is highly dependent on external factors such as fate or luck while others consider it to be a consequence of persistent work. However, as people can infer from several life examples, success is attained as a result of strong and constant effort. Luck can only facilitate life plans but never fully realize them. Although success determines hard work and knowledge, the opponents claim that it is a matter of luck. First feature that leads people to accomplishment…show more content…
It is also acceptable that luck plays role in becoming successful. Edward de Bono states, “I have no doubt that some people have been very successful through sheer good luck. If you play tennis with a girl and then marry her and then join her father in a booming television business, then that probably counts as some sort of luck”. Luck can assist people to accomplish their goal, attain a certificate and diploma for one or two times, not every situation that people face. Why do people take risks instead of making sure? They put their goals, ambitions in hazard. For instance, a person who will get a job through luck he will not be as strict about his job performance as compared to the other person who did many efforts and struggle to get the same job. As for Robert Collier, who was an American author, little efforts that accumulated make success (“Top 25 quotes of Robert Collier”). Every step that people struggle, make determined attempts turns into success.
Hard work is the key to success; therefore, only diligent people can be successful. Luck does not depend on people so they cannot control luck themselves. The best way to guarantee success is to try, make efforts without looking at its difficulties. Colin Powell claims that success has no secrets, it is just a consequence of preparation, learning from failure, and trying again and again. Hardworking does not vouch that people achieve success for the first time; nonetheless, they will reach success for
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