How Does Sugar Cause Tooth Decay

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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, sugar is a carbohydrate and the most common sugar is sucrose which is contained in the two main plants that make sugar, sugarcane and sugar beet. About 80% of the food Americans consume contain sugar in it. Sugar is the most consume energy abundant food source that is found in everything from coke, cotton candy, spaghetti sauce, and baked pastries. Although high consumption of sugar could create tooth decay, sugar is made natural from plants, and sugar promotes instant energy.
Many people enjoy consuming sugar because of its taste. Although, sugar tastes very sweet, sugar is pure and made naturally from sugarcanes or sugar beets, which are a type of plant. SKIL stated that more than 70% of the sugar
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Sugar contains no protein, no vitamins, or minerals, only pure energy. Which means that sugar is no need. All it does is that it affects people’s teeth. According to, more than 80% of the patient's they have tooth decay, causing from sweets and sugar. Artificial sweeteners on the other hand are do not really cause tooth decay because of the chemicals that are in the sweeteners. Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, at the same time, it could cause cancer, liver, and heart disease. Cancer is the main reason that Americans die suffering. Cancer is dangerous because many times there are no solutions or medicines to types of cancers. In conclusion, sugar is unhealthy and can cause many problems including tooth decay, cancer, liver, and heart disease. Despite all the reasons why sugar is bad, it can be healthy in many ways. SFgate stated that “Healthy Americans are supposed to eat at least 130 grams of total carbohydrate in their daily diet including 28-35 grams of fiber. This however cannot fully come from vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans. Which means that having sugar in a healthy human diet is reasonable.” They also stated that “Even in health-sounding sweeteners like maple syrup, brown sugar, fruit nectar and honey also include sugar.”Therefore, sugar is a good source of food that every healthy Americans should eat.In conclusion, sugar can be helpful in many ways including the fact that sugar is natural and that sugar contains instant energy. Sugar is all natural because it comes from sugarcanes and sugarbeets. Also, most places don’t use any artificial things unlike artificial sugar. Another good reason why sugar is better than artificial sweetener is because sugar gives instant boost. Instant boost gives one sudden energy and right away for a amount of time. When people are tired or exhausted,

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