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Write up on ten things which can bring one’s sugar level down along with a glimpse on the genesis of diabetes and high blood sugar.
Before commencing with the antecedent that lowers the sugar level of a person, it is very significant to have an analysis that determines the factors which tend to cause a growth in the sugar level. Concurrently, it is also ponderous to possess a detailed knowledge of how sugar level increases in one’s body and the negative connotations attached to it.
The blood sugar level also known as glucose starts affecting the body when one has diabetes. Diabetes is generally delineated as the accumulation of diseases which weakens the body’s ability to use insulin that lets the body turn glucose in to energy. The common evidence of the subsistence of diabetes in a body is usually inferred by extreme thirst, excessive urination, loss of consciousness, damaged blood cells, lack of concentration, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, Glaucoma and many more. Diabetic Retinopathy constitutes another phase of the noxious reaction of diabetes. Due to this disease a person can become visually impaired and the term is called Cataract.
Diabetes is undoubtedly the begetter of high sugar level and this is because due
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This is because people with high sugar level retain the tendency to gain higher amount of fat and carbohydrate in a short span of time. That is why a sparing quantity of certain foods is recommended. Boiled rice is suitable for high sugar patients but meanwhile, patients should be very careful with regard to the consumption of carbohydrates as to carbohydrates has major impact on high sugar compared to fats and proteins. Again, fruits such as oranges, pineapples, grapefruits, pomegranates, kiwis, cranberries, strawberries, sour cherries, sour apples are recommended for diabetics as these are acidic fruits and helps in lowering the level of blood

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