Hanging: Ten Leading Causes Of Suicide

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Hanging is one of the most preferred methods for suicide, which occurs due to the constriction of the neck by a ligature material wind around the neck which is suspended from a suspension point1.
As defined by Beck et al, suicide is “a wilful self inflicted life threatening act which has resulted in death”2.
Suicide is an multidisciplinary object of scientific study with sociology, anthropology, psychology which has importance in its respective field of investigation. The most controversial questions around the suicide are philosophical3.
Hanging is commonest method of suicide accounting 2000 deaths every year in countries like England, Serbia, Norway4, 5, 6. In India hanging has become the second most commonest and dominating method for
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Suicide is motivated from psychological, social and physical disorders.11 About 80% of these cases are most commonly associated with alcohol abuse and depression.12 Number of people are committing suicide by hanging each year, making it one of the 10 leading causes of death in the world accounting more than a million death annually.13 Even though there are other sources available to commit suicide like consuming poison, run over by train, fall from height, road traffic accidents, drowning, as a common method people from south Asian countries prefer hanging.14 Ligature materials are easily available for the victims at the time of act as most of them are daily usable…show more content…
Body which is suspended completely with a ligature material from a suspending point ( Hitch ) without any obstruction producing full weight and constricting the neck is known as complete hanging. Where as, the body having contact with the ground or obstructed by the object is known as partial hanging. In partial hanging weight of the head acts as a constricting force (5 to 6 kgs). Constriction of the neck depends upon the weight of the body or head. Compression of arteries needs 5Kgs, constriction of jugular vein needs 2Kgs and 15 Kgs for the blockage airway passage is required in hanging cases.19 To commit suicide complete suspension is not required. Most of the cases end up with partial hanging. Partial hanging suggest suicidal until proved
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