Suicide Tourism: Ethically Right Or Wrong?

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Many countries regulations restrict access to assisted suicide. Thus, Suicide Tourism, also known as Euthanasia Tourism, was born where a person travels abroad to end his/her life. With the growth of global travel, it created an opportunity for individuals seeking for assisted suicide by going to a destination in which it is legal. Suicide Tourism faces the issue of it being ethically right or wrong. This paper will outline the differences between suicide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide; the law in Switzerland which became a popular destination for people who want to end their lives, and the arguments for and against regarding the issue of assisted suicide.
Suicide, Euthanasia, and Assisted Suicide
The differences between suicide, euthanasia,
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It is performed by providing a lethal drug to be self-administered by the individual’s voluntary termination of one's own life. The choice to die must always be made by the individual. However, the doctor granting the lethal substance may or may not be held liable for the individual’s death depending on local laws. Suicide tourism is for those who actively seek assistance in dying to destinations where it is legal.
Suicide Tourism in Switzerland
CNN (2014) reported that in years 2008 to 2012, a total of 611 tourists ranging from 23 to 97 years old, went to Switzerland for assisted suicide. These tourists came from 31 different countries, but the majority were from Germany and UK. The phrase 'going to Switzerland' in the UK has become a euphemism for assisted suicide. Switzerland is the most popular destination for suicide tourism as assisted suicide is legal under the law. Swiss Criminal Federal Code 1942 has some legal grey areas in regards to assisted suicide. If the assisting person
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The differences between suicide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide is on how the final act is done. Switzerland is a known destination for suicide tourism as its local law has leeway in regards to assisted suicide and no imposed residential requirement. However, Swiss right-to-die organizations, such as Dignitas, only assist members provided that various conditions be fulfilled. In regards to the arguments in favour and against assisted suicide, it has not been raise widely enough to be worldly regulated. Although suicide is concerning human life, it is a very sensitive topic for many to touch on. Because discerning what is morally and ethically right and what is wrong differs with each person’s belief. Nevertheless, ending one’s life will continually remain an intensely contested issue
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