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How to choose the right sunglasses as per the facial structure: What is that one thing that you see with men that they can never leave without? That something that each one will surely have especially during the summers. Yes, it’s the sunglasses. The coolest and the stylish sunglasses which is a pride possession of every men. Sunglasses are majorly considered to be a fashion accessory whereas, there are lots of other benefits that makes it a protector rather than a style statement. Sunglasses is advisable for everyone, as it helps in protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun that might cause hindrances to your eyes. It also prevents headaches and helps in getting a clearer view even in the hot sun. Thus, there is no harm is increasing your style quotient by adding on a sunglass. Depending on the trend the structure, pattern and design of the sunglasses are changing each day. Thus, it is very important to know which type pf sunglasses go well with your personality and facial structure. Let’s list some of the tips to buy fashionable sunglasses. Firstly know your face shape or patter, You should always know about your body size and shape before you buy any fashion accessories. In here, it is mandatory that you know the right shape of your face. There are many types of faces that differs from individual to individual. Among them…show more content…
If you are an owner of your square shaped face then you will have to make a wise choice. Ensure to not choose anything that is boxy like rectangular or square lenses. As your face has neat definitions, the angular glasses might ruin the shape of your face. Thus, prefer the opposite of it like a round glass, an aviator or any curved framed sunglasses. Buy a medium size lensed sunglasses as it is not necessary to cover most of your face as they have amazing sharp features
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