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Whether attached to or integrated into a house, sunrooms are fascinating additions where to relax or entertain protected from the weather almost all year round.
Actually, if you have some unused space, such as an attic or a porch, transforming it into a sunroom is a relatively affordable way to add some extra living space.
As large windows, glass roofs, and skylights are common for sunrooms, they are a place where the indoor-outdoor lines blur and usually make a seamless transition between inside and out. In this regard, if you have a view, arrange the furnishings as to not interrupt the scene and keep distracting décor elements to a minimum.
Also referred to as conservatories, green rooms, garden rooms, and sun parlors, sunrooms benefit
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An ornate staircase, an astounding glass ceiling, beautiful stained glass windows, a spectacular chandelier, built-in window seating. Multiple throw pillows add color and coziness. Oversized potted plants add height and freshness. Truly impressive!
Unquestionably, sunroom décor should meet your needs and lifestyle.
As for the sunroom color scheme, a technique that works well is using neutral colors and easy ways to introduce color, pattern, and texture and tie together the sunroom with the rest of the living space. Throw pillows and accessories are favorite, common option to do the job.
In zones with a colder climate, in late falls and winters, decorative throws add a sense of warmth and coziness.
When it comes to furnishings, the latest trend is to use furniture pieces and accessories that make sunrooms look more like an interior space.
Flooring options are concrete, brick, wood, or tile. Usually, area rugs are used to both add coziness, texture, and visual interest and help designate spaces within large sunrooms.
For extra visual interest and personality, leave uncovered intricate floor designs, if there are any.

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