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Sunset Overdrive is a game that is extremely successful in everything it sets out to do. It’s combat and traversal systems are innovative and fun, the tone of the game is funny and meta, and the story is unpredictable and wacky from start to finish. To top it off, each character in the game is memorable in their own weird and wonderful ways. Sunset Overdrive takes place during an apocalyptic event in Sunset City, when the release of Overdrive, FizzCo’s latest energy drink, starts to turn its drinkers into bloated monsters who kill and destroy anything between them and their much-craved energy drink. In order to cover up the scandal, FizzCo quarantines the city and prevents any survivors from leaving. The unnamed hero of the game must use their never-explained superpowers to fight his way out of the city. The game’s premise is utterly ridiculous, which is the point. Not even the hero takes their actions seriously, citing that it is just a video game after all. Their self-awareness makes for some genuinely hilarious moments when interacting with characters or breaking the fourth wall and addressing the player. Sunset Overdrive repeatedly reminds the player that it is just a video game, and at their deepest level are just about having fun. So who cares if you are magically able…show more content…
The survivors the hero meets in their quest to escape the doomed city. One of the most notable groups are the Fargarths, a LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) organization who refuse to break character even in the apocalypse. My personal favorite character in the group is Hardcore, who is a reference to Hodor from Game of Thrones, who is only capable of saying his name. However, one of the most rewarding character to meet is Fizzie, a giant robotic mascot for Overdrive, who is incredibly foul-mouthed and intent on killing the hero. Fizzie made for the best boss battle I have ever played for his dialogue alone during the

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