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Why People Are Choosing Natural Body Lotion Over Unnatural Lotion More and More?
Beauty is desired and people go to all lengths to appear beautiful and presentable. There is an almost crazy obsession with beauty, especially among women. Thousands are going through plastic surgery to enhance or reduce certain body parts including bums, breasts, thighs, cheeks, eyelashes and so on. The modern woman values beauty for her own personality’s sake as well as for the fact that a potential boyfriend and husband is easier to get for a gorgeous woman.

Unpleasant experiences
Despite this, numerous women have not had the best of experiences with some of the products they use, especially artificial ones. Stories abound of ladies who have developed ugly sores and rashes and even some types of cancers owing to skin and beauty products that were toxic. This explains the new trend whereby women are turning to natural hand and
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For example, among non-white women, there is tendency to use skin-lightening products, which means manufacturing firms make products which corrode the melamine in the skin. Since this is not a natural process, the bodies of such women become vulnerable to various illnesses such as skin cancer.

Unnatural lotions poison the body
Another related danger of using unnatural lotion is the harmful effect that concomitant chemicals have on the liver and other body organs. Normally, every one of the chemicals used in these lotions must pass through the liver and kidney. When such a substance reaches toxic level and these body organs can no longer eradicate it, the body becomes susceptible to many illnesses. Toxicity causes many health problems and an unhealthy woman cannot really enjoy her beauty. In addition, the body becomes weak and pale which means it is ugly

Some skin types are

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