Essay On Superpower Rivalry

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The second reason for why the superpower rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States can explain the absence of major wars is that ideological competition between them do not lead to direct confrontation between the two countries. Another way that the two superpowers compete after the second world war is by spreading their ideology to third world countries so as to increase their influence over the world. Before world war two, the Soviet Union and the United States are once allies to fight against government of Nazi Germany. However, after the collapse of Germany, the two superpowers have different opinions on how the Europe should be reconstructed. The United States is in favour of democracy while the Soviet Union is in support of communism. ‘Great powers are strong not simply because they have nuclear weapons but also because their immense resources enable them to generate and maintain power of all types’. (Waltz, 1981). Therefore, as the superpower rivalry is not only limited to military power but also extended to a strategical and tactic level, stability can be maintained as direct confrontation is not the best way to uphold the two superpowers status.

Before explaining how the Bretton Woods system have played a role in achieving
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The biggest aim of Bretton Woods system is to initiate a post-war economic order founded on consensus-building and decision-making and trading and economic relationships established between states. In order to get over the diminishing impacts of the great depression, a multipronged strategy is needed to enlist support from other states. As a result, it lowers the possibility of states to start off a major war as a stable environment is favourable for trading and economic activities across various
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