Essay On Superstition In The Crucible

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The belief in supernatural beings and occurrences are responsible for mass hysteria, social disruption, and devastating people’s reputations. The Crucible tells the tale of a Puritan village blinded by hysteria that goes on a witchhunt because of superstition and fear. Although many people denounce the existence of the supernatural, nearly all societies are defined and distinguished by their beliefs in the supernatural through religion and culture. In the drama, The Crucible, Arthur Miller uses the ignorance of Dr.Griggs, Mrs. Putnam, and Reverend Parris to prove the human mind suggests odd occurrences beyond human comprehension are caused by the supernatural. The most highly regarded members of Salem often stipulate odd occurrences and the…show more content…
Superstition is at its height before and during the witch trials. Although there is a high mortality rate amongst babies, Mrs. Putnam has had seven babies die within the first few days of birth. Her only child, Ruth Putnam, has also been acting strange lately. Wondering the cause of her babies’ deaths, Mrs. Putnam is willing to sends her only daughter to illegally conjure spirits with a Barbadian slave. When condemned for sinning Mrs. Putnam states, “‘for how else is she struck dumb now except some power of darkness,’” which exemplifies her belief -- an evil force is to blame for her babies’ deaths (Miller 12). Mr. Walcott, a humble farmer, is also suspicious of why his pigs have a low life expectancy. Instead of evaluating how he cares for the pigs and whether he cares for them properly, Walcott accuses Martha Corey of being a witch who kills the pigs to promote her own business. Both Mrs. Putnam and Mr. Walcott blame their own misfortunes on supernatural causes rather than their own faults; This fever in Salem to allege the presence of witchcraft leads to people’s desires to coerce others into declaring the presence of the
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