Essay On Superstition

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In most African communities, death is viewed as a transition to another world, parallel to the one we live in. The traditional beliefs hold that there is life after death. Simply, life does not end with death. It was believed that spirits of the dead never depart and the dead sometimes crossed over to again to deliver a special message to their relatives. In most communities, once dead, it is believed that the person becomes an ancestor. That’s why communities have different customs and want to give the dead proper burials so that they do not become wandering spirits that disturb the living. Our forefathers have always looked up to nature to provide answers to do with life, death sickness as well as weather tides. They believed that birds…show more content…
It signifies a new beginning. It usually shows that any struggle or turmoil is about to end. Experts take Dr James Mbugua explains that different communities have different beliefs in regard to their own culture. “Myths and superstitions are beliefs that originate from fear of the unknown. Scientists dismiss any form of superstition because in most cases it influences a person’s behavior. We all have been raised in a superstitious environment and without realizing it, it has shaped our way of life. An omen is an event that is happening and is usually taken as a sign of something to come. As much as people are more enlightened these days, that one aspect of superstition is hard to do away with. It has become who we are. Not necessarily death myths, but superstitions are all around us and it has conditioned our mind in a way that we are driven by them. For instance, who said Monday is a broke day, though most of us think of it as the worst day of the week – Monday blues. Therefore people tend to find reasons for any bad thing that happens to them. With these myths around we can easily blame it on superstitious lack, which in most cases, can’t be
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